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How Sierrans for U.S. Population Stabilization (SUSPS) Advised Congress in 2001 - An historical perspective, published January, 2019

SUSPS Congressional Testimony - verbal 2001

SUSPS Congressional Testimony - written 2001

U.S. population growth
Birth rates
Numbers and graphs
Cites and notes
Population terms

Information and contact
SUSPS Principles
Whats hot
What you can do
SUSPS signup form
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SUSPS and Sierra Club history
Sierra Club election results
Sierra Club population policy history
Brief Sierra Club history
Full Sierra Club history
1989 Population Report
Memo from past population chair
1998 population-immigration election
1998 population-immigration ballot question
The actual 1998 ballot question
Decision of the Inspectors of Election
Frequently asked questions
Myths and Facts
Ballot question in a nutshell
Why the Sierra Club Choked on Population
The Environmental Movement's Retreat
from Advocating U.S. Population Stabilization
by Roy Beck and Leon Kolankiewicz; 2000
Supporting ballot statement
Would The Sierra Club Be Hurt?
Population growth and the environment
Is overimmigration in the U.S. morally defensible?
Global Ethics by Jonette Christian
U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform
Wilderness Society Policy 1998
ZPG (Population Connection) misleads the membership

Opinion - partial listing of articles follows:
Statement by Brock Evans
Statement by Donella Meadows
Statement by Martin Litton
Statement by Dave Foreman
It's Not Easy Being Green by Al Knight
Population and the Enivornment by Georgie Anne Geyer
Environment vs. Immigration by Froma Harrop
Immigration is an Environmental Issue by Meredith Burke
Planning for a Livable Future by Meredith Burke

2001 Sprawl ballot question
U.S. population growth and sprawl
Facing the future and sprawl
Sprawl and population
Census adjusted upward
Sprawl - it's too many people
Sprawl city website
The 2001 sprawl ballot question - Looking for the root cause
2001 sprawl ballot question - short supporting statement
2001 sprawl ballot question - long supporting statement
Sprawl brochure (PDF format)
Sprawl resolutions passed by Club chapters
Frequently asked questions about the Sprawl ballot question
Frequently asked questions (PDF format)
Response to Club Sprawl White Paper
Kolankiewicz - Beck response to criticism on report
"Weighing Sprawl Factors In Large U.S. Cities"
Kolankiewicz - Beck response (in plain text form)
Maryland excom supporting editorial
2001 Sprawl election objections- see Democracy section
Democracy in the Sierra Club?
Abrogation of democracy in the Sierra Club
Con position, 1999 ballot question
Democracy in the 1998 population-immigration election
2001 Sprawl election objections
Main SUSPS objections - 2001 Sprawl election
Negotiations in good faith
Objection to deleting part of the ballot question
Objection to ballot wording on club policy
Objection to ballot preamble
Objection to Club's bulk emailing

Past SUSPS-endorsed Board candidates
Doug LaFollette
Paul Watson
Ben Zuckerman
Speidel presentation to Sierra Club Population Committee
Speidel presentation to Sierra Club Population Committee, 1998 - pdf version

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