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You can help


Inform others of the fact that mass immigration is responsible for driving US population to double within the lifetimes of children born today.
Work within the Sierra Club to return the Sierra Club to a rational and comprehensive population policy that includes both fertility and immigration components of U.S. population growth - even if it means no longer accepting donations with strings attached from rich private donors and corporations.

  1. It's the numbers we're concerned about. The impact of mass immigration on the environment and quality of life for future generations (of all species) can not be ignored.
  2. This is not a racist or anti-immigrant or even an anti-immigration issue, although opponents often play the "race card" when their other arguments fall short. (See SUSPS' Statement of Principles and Frequently Asked Questions for more information about our position). This is an environmental issue, originating out of concern for the environment which we as Sierra Club members have fought long and hard to protect. Overpopulation and overimmigration are destroying our environment which we have fought so hard to preserve.





Thank you for your help! Your help will make a difference!



"Protect our last wild places -- Sierra Nevada, Utah Wilderness, Headwaters Forest, Northern Forest, Everglades, Great Lakes, Santa Monica Mountains. We must slow our population growth and save our heritage."
-- Adam Werbach, former Sierra Club President, Candidate's Statement 1997


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