Sprawl and Smart Growth


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The overlooked factor in

Americans are concerned about gridlocked traffic,
disappearing open space and overcrowding.


farmland Farms and open space are disappearing daily to supply land for more suburban development.

traffic Sprawl and traffic have become major issues for many Americans as their daily lives are negatively impacted.


Is high-density "smart growth" the solution?


"Smart growth" has been widely touted by politicians, some environmentalists and the media as the silver bullet that will solve growth-caused problems.
But is smart growth good policy or just a marketing ploy? Curiously, it is championed by groups as diverse as the Sierra Club and the National Association of Home Builders.
At its core, smart growth is an updated rehash of planning strategies that is pro-growth while maintaining some open space. It recommends increased public transit, green zones around cities and infill of underused urban space. Americans are further urged to embrace much denser housing (even as they purchase spacious suburban homes).
Ted Turner, founder of CNN, said in 1998, "I maintain that there is no such thing as smart growth. Further growth is a catastrophe. We're going to live in a 'Road Warriors' (future)," referring to the movie about a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
U.S. population must be stabilized soon if we hope to save America's environment.
The new 100 City Sprawl Report quantifies the role of U.S. population growth in the two most recent decades of Sprawl in the 100 largest Urbanized Areas as measured by the U.S. Census Bureau. It shows that population growth is related to half of all sprawl across the U.S. and is related to 95% of sprawl in California.


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