Doug LaFollette
is elected to the Sierra Club Board of Directors in April, 2003!

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About Doug LaFollette

Doug LaFollette Doug LaFollette gained a national reputation during the post 1970 Earth Day period for articulating our environment-population-resource crisis. He was an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin, and holds a B.S. cum laude in Chemistry and Business and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Columbia University. After founding Wisconsin's Environmental Decade, he served in the Wisconsin State Senate and is currently Wisconsin Secretary of State. He has worked as Public Affairs Director for the Union of Concerned Scientists, Assistant Director of the Mid American Solar Energy Complex, and has been a national board member of Friends of the Earth. He was a member of the 1990 National Earth Day organization and authored the book "The Survival Handbook - a strategy for saving planet earth." He continues to speak and write on environmental issues.

Environmental Quality Award, Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Advocate of the Year, Clean Water Action Council, 1996
Environmental Excellence Award, Midwest Renewable Energy Assoc., 1992
Federation of American Scientists, member
Wisconsin Environmental Decade, founder and director
Council on Economic Priorities, consultant
Friends of the Earth, National Board Member
Author of The Survival Handbook, 1991
Helped organize 1970 and 1990 Earth Day events

"I believe that public officials, scientists, and scholars hold a special responsibility in today's world of dwindling resources, environmental crises, and an uncertain economy. We must speak out on the impact of science and technology on society."
- Doug LaFollette

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Doug LaFollette's candidate statement:


RESIDENCE: Madison, Wisconsin
OCCUPATION: Wisconsin's Elected Secretary of State
BACKGROUND: Chair, Public Lands Commission.
State Senator.
Organizer of Earth Day 1970.
Founder of Wisconsin Environmental Decade.
Author: The Survival Handbook-a Strategy for Saving Planet Earth.
2003 Fulbright-Distinguished American Scholar.
Board member, Friends of the Earth.
1996 Environmental Advocate of Year, Clean Water Council.
Education: Stanford (MS), Columbia (PhD).
My political life started when, as professor of natural science at the University of Wisconsin, I invited Paul Ehrlich to speak. We hit it off, and I became his stand-in for speaking engagements. Paul's statement, "If we don't elect an environmental president soon, we're in big trouble," inspired me to run for office. Working with David Brower to stop heavily polluting Molybdenum mining near Crested Butte, Colorado, cemented my commitment to environmentalism.
STATEMENT: Bush and most politicians don't get it. They don't comprehend the essential role our natural environment plays in supporting human wellbeing. They don't acknowledge the critical contribution that wilderness, wildlife and scenic beauty make to the human spirit. They ignore our responsibility to protect the planet for future generations.
We conservationists must fight a sophisticated, determined political battle against mining, timber and energy interests who would sacrifice our natural heritage for short-term economic gain. As former State Senator and 20 year Wisconsin Secretary of State and Public Lands Commissioner, I know how to fight big-money interests-and win.
Our Club has special responsibility in today's world of dwindling resources, environmental crises and a value system that puts profits above environmental preservation. I support our ambitious goals: restoring Glen Canyon, zero cut in our national forests, no Arctic National Wildlife Refuge drilling.
I will follow through with effective public and political campaigns to advance these positions and defend bedrock environmental laws-the Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, and National Environmental Policy Act-against constant assault.
But this is not enough. We MUST address the root causes - both US and global overpopulation and over-consumption - that imperil our planet. Unfortunately, our Club rarely speaks about population any more-the word "population" never appears in 2001-2003 annual membership reports.
Many important environmental challenges will be won or irretrievably lost in the next ten years. With my scientific training, teaching, and extensive political and administrative experience, I will lead the Club to aggressively defend Nature.
Endorsers: Senator Gaylord Nelson (John Muir Award); Herman Daly, author "Beyond Growth"; Cornell Professor David Pimentel.
This candidate has agreed to a campaign spending limit of $2,000.
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