Sierra Club 1998 Population-Immigration Ballot Referendum


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History of the 1998 population-immigration ballot question

  • The Sierra Club has had a 30-year History of established population policy.
  • Yet in 1996, the Board unilaterally reversed the Club's comprehensive population policy which addressed both the impacts of fertility (children per women) and mass immigration on unending U.S. population growth.
  • SUSPS ® was formed at that time to express the concerns of thousands of members at this deviation from long-term environmental policy. SUSPS responded that, in the tradition of sound Sierra Club environmental policy, the large contribution of overimmigration to the rapid growth in U.S. population could not be ignored. Especially since environmentalists regard the US as already grossly overpopulated, its economy far from sustainable.
  • In March-April of 1998, SUSPS brought the question before the Sierra Club membership during the annual spring election. All Sierra Club members voted whether to include reduction in mass immigration as well as in fertility in a traditional comprehensive Sierra Club U.S. population policy.
  • Unfortunately, in the opinion of many including the Club's Election Inspectors, the 1998 election was rigged by Club management with an "A" vs. "B" vote, violating Club bylaws.
  • Notwithstanding, 40% of the voters agreed with the SUSPS "A" position. Quite simply, the Sierra Club choked on population.


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Additional information

For additional information, and some very interesting reading, see the discussion and opinion sections:


Why the 1996 "gag rule" should be reversed for our families and our future, and why a comprehensive U.S. population policy must address mass immigration.

1998 statements of supporters, endorsers and journalists, including several interesting articles

Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions and answers dealing with overpopulation, mass immigration, and SUSPS. Also see Myths & Facts on population and mass immigration.

Sierra Club history supports a long tradition of population policy, including overimmigration as it relates to unending U.S. population growth.

Why the Concern?
Stories and explanations.

Distinguished environmental leaders who endorsed in 1998 our position that levels of mass immigration must be considered along with fertility levels in achieving a stable U.S. population.

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"As long as our numbers continue to increase, any gains we might make by improving technology and reducing wasteful consumption will be eroded..."
-- Carl Pope, Sierra Magazine editorial, Sept/Oct 1999


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