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SUSPS® is a network of Sierra Club activists who support a comprehensive approach to environmentalism within the Sierra Club. We support Sierra Club policies and principles with the exception of current Sierra Club U.S. population policy, which we believe is inadequate in addressing U.S. overpopulation. A comprehensive approach to environmentalism must include effective action for population stabilization in the United States. Currently Sierra Club policies call for stabilizing U.S. population but do not address the combined impacts of mass migration and birth rates on U.S. population growth.

The SUSPS vision for environmentalism, however, does not stop at our nation's borders. It also includes educating women worldwide to achieve lower birth rates, lowering consumption levels in industrialized and developing nations, and protecting national parks and the world's remaining wild spaces from exploitation and development. We also support the fight to unseat President George Bush from office along with all other politicians hostile to preserving the environment.

As the Sierra Club currently recognizes:

"... all of our environmental successes may be short-lived if they do not include efforts to address population growth."53

SUSPS holds that this statement applies to domestic population growth as much as it does to worldwide population growth. As a result of our country's immigration policies, the most generous in our nation's history and in the world, coupled with fertility (children per woman), the U.S. has the highest population growth of all developed countries in the world. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau if we do nothing to change our nation's de-facto population policy, our population will double this century.

This doubling will have a significant impact on the environmental legacy left to future generations of all species. We will have to build practically an entire new infrastructure equal in size to our existing infrastructure in order to sustain this new population. The environmental consequences of our population growth will be significant. SUSPS demands that the Sierra Club stop placing political sensitivities ahead of the environment and begin to seriously address immigration levels and birthrates in the U.S.

We advocate a return to traditional (1970-1996) Sierra Club population policy which included both birth rates and immigration levels as needed to achieve U.S. population stabilization as quickly as possible. A comprehensive Sierra Club population policy is absolutely necessary and must acknowledge the true impact of increasing U.S. population on our environment, our quality of life, and depletion of the planet's resources.

We in SUSPS are not anti-immigration and certainly not anti-immigrant; we want only to reduce immigration to sustainable levels. However, our position is repeatedly and intentionally distorted by the leaders of the Sierra Club to secure their access to wealthy donors.

SUSPS® is not an official body of the Sierra Club; we are a network of Sierra Club members. While we do not represent the views of the Sierra Club itself, a large proportion of Club members have voted for our past initiative proposals (40% for our 1998 initiative to address U.S. reproduction and immigration and 46% for 2001 initiative to integrate U.S. population stabilization into the club's sprawl campaign.)

For more information, see SUSPS' Statement of Principles.

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