Endorsers of the 1998 "A" Ballot Question


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The National Academy of Sciences stated in July 1997:

"As long as there is a virtually unlimited supply of potential immigrants, the nation must make choices on how many to admit"

Please join the distinguished environmental leaders who endorsed our 1998 position that overall immigration levels must be considered along with fertility levels in achieving a stable U.S. population:

  • Al Bartlett, Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Anthony Beilenson, U.S. Congressman 1977-1996; many scores of 100 from League of Conservation Voters; Congressional leader for international family planning
  • John R. Bermingham, ZPG [now Population Connection] Board member, President Colorado Population Coalition
  • Nicholaas Bloembergen, Nobel Laureate, Harvard University
  • Lester Brown, co-founder and President Worldwatch Institute; co-author State of the World series
  • William R. Catton, Jr., Professor Emeritus, Washington State University, author Overshoot - The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change
  • Maria Hsia Chang, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Nevada, Reno
  • Benny Chien, Past President, Californians for Population Stabilization; U.C. San Diego School of Medicine
  • Herman Daly, co-founder International Society for Ecological Economics; co-author For the Common Good
  • Elaine del Castillo, founder, Save Our Earth
  • Brock Evans, Executive Director, Endangered Species Coalition; former Sierra Club Associate Executive Director; former Vice-President Audubon Society; former Sierra Club director; John Muir Award; (read his statement)
  • Dave Foreman, co-founder Earth First!; former National Sierra Club Director (read his statement)
  • Lindsey Grant, author, Juggernaut; former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Environment and Population Affairs
  • Dorothy Green, founding President, Heal the Bay; President Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council
  • Marilyn Hempel, Executive Director, Population Coalition
  • Huey D. Johnson, former Secretary of Resources, State of California; President, Resource Renewal Institute
  • George Kennan, former US Ambassador to the Soviet Union; Presidential Medal of Freedom; Professor Emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
  • Doug La Follette, Wisconsin Secretary of State; Board Member, Friends of the Earth
  • Martin Litton, former National Sierra Club Director; John Muir Award; former senior editor Sunset magazine (read his statement There They Go Again)
  • Jan Lundberg, President of Fossil Fuels Policy Action
  • Dan Luten, past President Friends of the Earth; author, Progress Against Growth
  • Tom McMahon, Executive Director Californians for Population Stabilization
  • Monique Miller, Executive Director, Wild Earth magazine
  • Frank Morris, Sr., former Executive Director, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
  • Farley Mowat, author, Never Cry Wolf, A Whale for the Killing, Sea of Slaughter
  • Norman Myers Senior Advisor, United Nations Population Fund; Senior Fellow, World Wildlife Fund
  • Gaylord Nelson, founder Earth Day; U.S. Senator 1963-81; sponsor, Wilderness Act; Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • Tim Palmer, river conservationist; author, California's Threatened Environment
  • Dr. David Pimentel, Professor of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University
  • Marcia Pimentel, Senior Lecturer (ret.) Nutritional Science, Cornell University; author
  • Charles Remington, co-founder Zero Population Growth; Professor of Forestry, Environmental Science and Biology, Yale University
  • John F. Rohe, author: A Bicentennial Malthusian Essay
  • Galen Rowell, nature photographer and author, Mountain light, Bay Area Wild, The Vertical World of Yosemite
  • Claudine Schneider, U.S. Congress, 1980-90; champion of biodiversity, tropical rainforests and endangered species
  • Maria Sepulveda, Executive Director, Population-Environment Balance
  • George Sessions, Professor of Philosophy, Sierra College; Author, Deep Ecology and Deep Ecology for the 21st Century
  • Beth Curry Thomas, Sierra Club National Population Committee; founder, Planned Parenthood, Hilton Head, SC
  • Stewart Udall, Secretary of the Interior 1961-69; Counselor Grand Canyon Trust; author, The Quiet Crisis
  • Casey Walker, Publisher, Wild Duck Review
  • Paul Watson, co-founder Greenpeace; founder and President Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
  • Carole Wilmoth, Past President Audubon Council of Texas
  • E.O. Wilson, Conservation Biologist, Harvard University; author, Diversity of Life

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